SFIC offers a wide variety of products to meet the financing needs of SME’s. Each loan is customized to fit the client’s funding requirements while balancing it with their specific posibilities to repay the loan.

Term Loans
SME’s that have an established credit history with SFIC can access financing to help with their business expansion or for additional working capital. The terms of a loan vary depending on industry outlook, the ability to repay the loan and past business dealings with the borrower.

Receivables Financing
SME’s assign their accounts receivables to SFIC. The borrower receives an amount that is equal to a reduced value of the receivables pledged. It is also referred to as “factoring”. All receivables are assigned on a “with recourse” basis.

Bridge Financing
Banks take at least 3 to 6 months to process a typical SME loan. SFIC provides financing to SME’s within 10 days to help them with their liquidity requirements until the release of the bank loan. The proceeds of the loan are assigned directly to SFIC.

Merchant Line
This product is a revolving credit line facility for SME Merchants. Through this facility, SME Merchants can turn their future card (i.e., credit, debit, ATM, EPS) sales into cash. Approved line is valid for a year where multiple drawdowns can be made in respect to the merchant’s funding need. Standard drawdown term is 6 months where repayments are made daily, automated, and direct from merchant’s bank account.